Postcards from Luxury Revelstoke Mountain

There are many places I’ve traveled around the world, and even more postcards have been created off the back of those trips. I admit it though, I love staying in luxury places, when I go to the snow. Since that is the case, here are the top three places to book at if you’re looking for an expensive, spoiler and luxurious accommodation to treat you and your family or friends while staying in Revelstoke:

Postcard perfect Revelstoke

1. Revelstoke Mountain Resort Condo

As a vacation rental, this 1166 sq. ft. Condo is great for a small group of friends or a small family outing. With accommodation price ranging from 245-675 Canadian dollars per night- depending on the season, this also requires you to book a minimum of 2-3 nights stay. Aside from pet-friendly and wheelchair accessible, this place has massage service, concierge and a housekeeper inclusion with a lot of features and amenities to tag along as well. It has beds for 4-6 people, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen and dining, together with amenities such as parking, garage, living room and so on. Add with this the Mountain View and communal or heated pool.

2. The Sutton Place Hotel

The Sutton Place Hotel offers different packages and promos. One of the promos they offer is the Savour Sutton, a luxurious package starting from 224 dollars per night. This includes a free parking, complimentary breakfast, full use of pool or Jacuzzi, 15 dollar gift certificate for Rockford Wok and a lot more. The rooms are designed for a satisfying stay, complete with your possible necessities; they also feature grand amenities to spoil the very best in you. Experience Revelstoke like no other with The Sutton Place Hotel. The only disadvantage here is the fact that this can’t stay any longer and can only last until August 21, 2014. To book here or to know more details about this promo or their any other packages, you can call their telephone number 1.866.378.8866 or visit their site

3. The Coast Hillcrest Resort Hotel

Located on the east end part of town, The Coast Hillcrest Resort Hotel is very near from the town amenities such as restaurants and shops. One of the many hotels in Revelstoke to offer a luxurious stay, this hotel only comes in the third place of this list. A stay per night here will cost you 140 dollars but it is guaranteed that your expenses in this accommodation will not be put to waste. For instance, the hotel offers free wireless internet and parking, approachable hotel staffs, clean and elegant rooms and lastly, a very nice place for mediation since it solely offers a wide view of a peaceful picturesque. The exact location of this is on 2100 Oak Drive, Revelstoke, BC, Canada .

Find out more about the wonderful Revelstoke and find luxury accommodations for your next ski trip here.

Lady Gaga is on tour for “Art” Pop

Known for her outrageous and spectacular fashion sense, Lady Gaga, a singer and a fashion designer herself continues in making a trademark in the big and endless world of fashion industry. A lot of her ideas are trending right now and her designs and style when it comes to clothing and dressing up is beginning to be an inspiration to a lot of modern designers- some are even being modelled already on the runaways.

Making a difference is what she stands up for, she believes in free rights and for that, a lot of fans support and idolize her more. Gaga can be observed to have a fondness when it comes to experimenting clothes. She always finds ways in making her appearances look unique and never been done before. Although it is without a doubt proven that some people really do adore and wants to be like her, some still doesn’t appreciate her antics. Her exposed, liberated and unique strategy can make people like her; unfortunately, it can also make people dislike her. A lot of complaints had been already surfacing her name mainly by the way she looks.

PETA, an animal rights group for instance is in very much opposition to her ‘meat dress’- no, it’s not literally made of meat, but it somehow invites people to appreciate gore and bloody dresses that involves killing of animals. Another reason why PETA dislikes Gaga is because of her love for wearing fur, she even wore one time a fox scarf complete with its head dangling on her shoulder, this infuriated not only PETA but a lot of other animal rights activists as well- especially since Gaga never really confirmed whether it was merely a faux or not.

Conservative people are also contradicting her style; as you might have observe, Gaga sometimes really do put herself too far in the name of fashion, she barely even wears a clothing at times, and her skin is often exposed in most of her clothing- as an icon, there is a tendency that the viewers specially the younger generations might copy her, and that idea concerns these type of people. Lady Gaga’s style to conclude varies differently; to people who have a different perspective of styles, this is eventually an art, a revolution of a new era and a genuine different interpretation of beauty- to others, this is definitely a big no-no for building one’s choice of fashion sense.

Here are a list of her tour dates coming up:

Sunrise, Washington DC – Sun 04 May 2014
Atlanta, Georgia – Tue 06 May 2014
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Thu 08 May 2014
Uncasville, Connecticut – Sat 10 May 2014
Philadelphia, PA – Mon 12 May 2014
NY, New York State – Tue 13 May 2014
Washington, USA – Thu 15 May 2014
Detroit, Michigan – Sat 17 May 2014
Cleveland, Ohio – Sun 18 May 2014
Saint Paul, Minnesota – Tue 20 May 2014
Winnipeg, Manitoba – Thu 22 May 2014
Calgary, Alberta – Sun 25 May 2014
Edmonton, Alberta – Mon 26 May 2014
Seattle, Washington – Wed 28 May 2014
Vancouver, BC – Fri 30 May 2014
San Diego, California – Mon 02 Jun 2014
San Jose, California – Tue 03 Jun 2014
Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Thu 26 Jun 2014
Atlantic City, New Jersey – Sat 28 Jun 2014
Boston, Massachusetts – Mon 30 Jun 2014
Montreal, Quebec – Wed 02 Jul 2014
Ottawa, Ontario – Sat 05 Jul 2014
Buffalo, New York State – Mon 07 Jul 2014
Toronto, Ontario – Wed 09 Jul 2014
Chicago, Illinois – Fri 11 Jul 2014
San Antonio, Texas – Mon 14 Jul 2014
Houston, Texas – Wed 16 Jul 2014
Dallas, Texas – Thu 17 Jul 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada – Sat 19 Jul 2014
Los Angeles, California – Mon 21 Jul 2014
Los Angeles, California – Tue 22 Jul 2014
Phoenix, Arizona – Wed 30 Jul 2014
Las Vegas, California – Fri 01 Aug 2014
Lake Tahoe, Nevada – Sat 02 Aug 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah – Mon 04 Aug 2014
Denver, Colorado – Wed 06 Aug 2014
Tokyo, Japan – Wed 13 Aug 2014
Tokyo, Japan – Thu 14 Aug 2014
Seoul, South Korea – 15 – 16 Aug 2014
Seoul, South Korea – Sat 16 Aug 2014
Perth, WA – Wed 20 Aug 2014
Melbourne, Victoria – Sat 23 Aug 2014
Brisbane, Queensland – Tue 26 Aug 2014
Sydney, NSW – Sat 30 Aug 2014
Athens, Greece – Fri 19 Sep 2014
Antwerpen, Belgium – Tue 23 Sep 2014
Amsterdam, Holland – Wed 24 Sep 2014
Herning, Denmark – Sat 27 Sep 2014
Oslo, Norway – Mon 29 Sep 2014
Stockholm, Sweden – Tue 30 Sep 2014
Hamburg, Germany – Fri 03 Oct 2014
Prague, Czech Rep., The – Sun 05 Oct 2014
Cologne, Germany – Tue 07 Oct 2014
Berlin, Germany – Thu 09 Oct 2014
Birmingham, England – Wed 15 Oct 2014
Dublin, Ireland – Fri 17 Oct 2014
Glasgow, Scotland – Sun 19 Oct 2014
Manchester, England – Tue 21 Oct 2014
London, England – Thu 23 Oct 2014
London, England – Sat 25 Oct 2014
London, England – Sun 26 Oct 2014
Paris, France – Thu 30 Oct 2014
Paris, France – Fri 31 Oct 2014
Vienna, Austria – Sun 02 Nov 2014
Milan, Italy – Tue 04 Nov 2014
Zurich, Switzerland – Thu 06 Nov 2014
Barcelona, Spain – Sat 08 Nov 2014
Lisbon, Portugal – Mon 10 Nov 2014

How to spend a night in, Aardvark advice

The best way to really enjoy a night in, is to make it your own night to watch what you want to watch. That is don’t get caught in the trap of trying to please everyone else, after all it’s your night and that’s the way it should stay. If you must share your night in with someone else or a few others, make sure you call the shots and are holding the remote.

So how do we do this? First things first is to choose what movie or television show you want to watch. I would suggest picking one of the following movies because of their timeless qualities that make them watchable over and over again. Try the Great Escape. I love this movie, no doubt one of my top movies to watch of all time. You actually feel like you are there with them in the prisoner of war camp, and living with them through their courageous attempt to escape the clutches of their Nazi Captors.

Other movies that are fun to watch on your night in are; The Great Gatsby, The Shawshank Redemption and Bloodsport. All were instant classics in my opinion and can be watched consecutively one after the other.

Watching a good television series can also be a great way to spend your night is, especially if you have the time to watch episodes after episode, or even a whole season in one go. Shows that are really catching my attention at the moment are shows like “The Newsroom“, “Game of Thrones” and for something a bit funnier and sport related try “True Detective“. For the Ladies I would recommend tried and tested shows like the Gilmore Girls and Revenge.

Watch Gilmore Girls online


Nowadays you don’t have to visit your local video rental store to watch these movies and shows. You can actually watch them online, and yep you can do it legally as I found out recently.

Dilapidation Reports are an essential safe guard when starting construction

A Dilapidation Record is a Building Assessment that is a photographic record that captures the exact state of a building prior to works happening around it. The dilap report will also take photos of the buildings surrounding the building that is getting refurbished. The dilapidation record acts as a legal report, as well as could be utilized through either the contractor of the proprietor or perhaps the structure to demonstrate one way or another whether damages can be afforded to an element of the building that was actually previously existing.

Getting a dilapidation report before starting construction work is an essential safeguard!

Without a file of the existing shape of a building prior in order to development performs taking area, an argument over that is accountable for an issue can easily occur. Because there is actually no realistic file of the pre-existing ailment of the garage, the builder may not challenge the case and also finishes up having to compensate for the damage. This is actually the cause a record of the Dilapidation of a building is therefore important.

Great gift ideas, why not frame a Postcard you make yourself

Frame Postcards For a Great Gift Idea

Frame Postcards For a Great Gift Idea

We here at Aardv Ark love postcards, but thats not all we love. Sometimes the best gifts are gifts that don’t cost a lot. Now I know that’s a bold statement, but I don’t really care, I think it’s true. Well even more that true because if you think back to your favourite gift you ever received, what was it?

Was it an expensive game, a fancy new television, or a handy new gadget like a ipad or an iphone battery charger from These things whilst “cool” and fun and often times really useful… Will eventually wither and die like all other material objects… So what then is a good gift? What make a gift special, memorable and amazing?…

A gift that you make yourself of course!!!

And what do I suggest? I suggest you make a postcard. Postcards last for a long time, because people tend to look after them really well. Heck, my mother keeps them pressed inside an ancient japanese chest box. When you pull them out years later, your memory casts back to all the happy memories of the person who gave them to you.

So what do you do to make them extra special. Make a post card, or buy one. Then build a frame around it, to give it the extra oomph!!

So here’s a good video about making your own postcards. It really explains the whole way to do it way better than I could. I love how simple it makes the whole process, and how creative it can be. Let me know how you go with it, would love to see some of your designs posted on our FB page. Maybe I could even give a prize to the best design? Or better yet, I could give one of my own designs a gift to the winner. Just hit up the below comment section and we’ll talk brass!!